Our philosophy

Mothers are born here.

"when I was having contractions,I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work,so I couldn't think of my own pain"

The process of labour is a perfect example of perfection of nature. Most of the labouring women need empathetic support and encouragement and not medications and technological assistance for succeful ' natural' labour. Traits needed for it are inherent to would-be- mothers.Over a period humans have lost this connect with the inherited wisdom in a race to keep pace with modern technology. Fortunately the knowledge about natural birthing can still be revived by almost all women with expert guidance and compassionate support.

Although we are infrastructurally well equipped with all the modern gadgets and have expertise in handling most complicated pregnancies and labours we believe in instilling confidence in our patients to facilaitate natural birth. 80% of women without pregnancy complications can expect to experience beauty of natural birthing at Cradle.

Why Cradle?

  • The best of doctors, surgeons and nurses
  • Operation theatre strategically located on the same floor (in case of an emergency C section)
  • Spacious and lawish, luxerious rooms to make you feel at home
  • The best of medical infrastructure
  • We provide the best possible support a pregnant woman needs.
  • Serene ambience and Ultra-clean Atmosphere

Why natural birthing?

Birthing is not just a mechanical process of expelling out products of conception (as defined by medical texts) but it has other facets like physical ,mental and emotional aspects as well which may have lasting impact on mother and baby's life. Avoidable medical interventions can help preserve this bonding and sanctity of labour process in it's universal form.