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About Influenza Vaccine

Influenza Vaccines are essential to reduce the risks of various infectious and life-threatening diseases. Influenza is a contagious infection induced by the Influenza (Flu) Virus, which can harm people with several life-threatening conditions. People infected by this influenza virus can lead to many health issues, i.e., ear diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus problems, and cancer. This vaccination improves the health of individuals and gives them the power to fight these health complications.


Influenza Vaccines for adults can stop Influenza (Flu). Flu is an infectious disease that spreads due to an Influenza Virus. The Influenza Virus may lead to severe health complications, i.e., cancer, pneumonia, sinus problems, ear infections, and bronchitis. Vaccination is the best option to stay away from the Flu infection.


Types of Flu Shots For Adults (Influenza Vaccine)


Your health care provider provides you with a few types of vaccine as per your Influenza infection or age group. Here, you can grab detailed information about Influenza vaccines like:


Flu Shot: This vaccine is given to children six months or older. This vaccine contains inactive viruses. These inactive or dead viruses do not harm children’s or adults’ bodies. People aged 18 to 64 can get the influenza vaccine (Flu Shot). The smaller needle is used in this flu shot, and after giving the vaccine with the help of this injection, it goes into the upper layer of the skin instead of the muscles.


This Flu Shot is a safe vaccination for people with allergic issues with egg intake and taking treatment related to allergic problems.

Egg-Free Vaccines: Unlike other vaccines, these shots are not developed inside the eggs. Those who have an allergy to eggs can take this vaccine.


Fluzone High Dose: Those people in the age group of 65 years or with a weaker immune system need to get this type of Flu vaccine.


Nasal Spray: The Nasal Spray Vaccine is called live attenuated Vaccine (LAIV). This vaccine is made from live but weakened or inactivated influenza viruses. There is no chance of getting flu from the nasal spray vaccine. Those aged between 2 to 49 may get the nasal spray vaccine.


Why are Flu Shots Needed For Adults?


Every adult needs to get an influenza vaccine every year, mainly those with a chance of being infected with the flu, like Health care department workers. Influenza or Flu shots are required for adults If they are suffering from the following diseases:

– Brain, spinal cord, or other neurological issues, i.e., epilepsy, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, stroke, muscular dystrophy, or spinal cord injury
– Asthma (even if it’s mild or controlled) or other lung disorder
– Kidney disease or damage
– Heart disease
– Liver disease or damage
– Diabetes and other endocrine diseases
– Epilepsy
– Metabolic disorders (like inherited metabolic diseases and mitochondrial issues)
– Morbidly obese (BMI of 40 or greater)
– Sickle cell disease and other blood diseases
– Less immunity power due to medical treatments


Adult Influenza Vaccination Schedule


Adult Influenza Vaccine’s one dose of the flu vaccine is given to adults between September to October 2023. Even January is a perfect time to be vaccinated against influenza. Commonly Influenza Vaccine is available from September month until the Spring season starts.


Side Effects of Influenza Vaccine


As well as other medicines or vaccines, you may also experience some side effects after the influenza vaccination. These side effects are distinct according to the type of influenza vaccine.


The side effects of the flu vaccine include low fever and muscle aches. You can also experience redness, soreness, or swelling where the shot was given. On the other side, The nasal spray influenza vaccine’s side effects include muscle aches, Headache, Sore Throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, and Cough.


Conclusion: The Influenza Vaccine is key to lessen the chances of flu infection in adults. It provides strength to face flu virus infection. Thus, you need to stay aware of all the benefits of this vaccination, possible side effects, etc, as mentioned in this article. This information helps you in caring after and before Influenza Vaccination.

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