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What Does A Neurologist Do?

Pediatric Neurology is a treatment that includes diagnosing and managing neurological conditions in infants, newborns, and children.

Pediatric Neurology


Child Neurology treats the illness and diseases of the spinal cord, brain, autonomic nervous system (ANS), muscles, peripheral nervous system (PNS), and blood vessels that affect individuals in these age groups. 


If a child has health issues, including the nervous system, a pediatric neurologist can treat this problem.   

What Does a Pediatric Neurologist Surgeon Do?


A Pediatric Neurologist will see patients with conditions such as migraines, epilepsy, or cerebral palsy. He also sees patients with some rare disorders like traumatic brain injury, metabolic disorders, and degenerative neurological conditions.

When To See a Pediatric Neurologist?


If you see anyone symptoms from the following symptoms in your baby, you need to consult the Pediatric Neurologist immediately. Your child needs this surgery under the following conditions:


  1. Neurological developmental issues during childhood
  2. Childhood epilepsy
  3. Febrile seizures
  4. Movement conditions like cerebral palsy
  5. Genetic conditions of the nervous system
  6. Congenital metabolic irregularities that impact the nervous system
  7. Congenital disabilities influencing the brain and spinal cord, like spina bifida
  8. Progressive neuromuscular diseases like speech disabilities, muscular dystrophy
  9. Hydrocephalus or excess fluid build-up in the brain
  10. Head injuries and their complications
  11. Brain tumors
  12. Hospice and palliative treatment
  13. Neuromuscular medicine
  14. Sleep diseases
  15. Abnormal mental development and learning disabilities
  16. Autism spectrum conditions
  17. Behavioral disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity condition
  18. Headaches and migraine
  19. Vascular neurology
  20. Intellectual disabilities


What To Expect at the Pediatric Neurologist?

A pediatric neurologist uses several techniques to test the child’s health. He may use a reflex hammer on the elbows or knees to examine reflexes and use lights to check the work of the nervous system.

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