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Child Vaccination Schedule

We provides an overall vaccination schedule for children from 0 to 05. Our vaccination schedule define all the required vaccines essential from birth to age five.

Children under five have a vulnerable immune system, making them sensitive to many infections, diseases, and viruses. This susceptibility can lead to the development of severe disorders and infections. Disorders such as whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, and HPV can spread quickly among children, putting them at risk. 


Childhood immunizations protect against particular spreading or infectious disorders, confirming your children become unsusceptible. You give your child’s body tools to fight these disorders effectively by aiding vaccines. Knowing about the vaccination is required for every parent seeking to improve their child’s immune system.


Child Vaccination is an impactful way to protect your children from severe diseases. Our Vaccination Schedule helps remember the vaccination for a particular age group’s children because it strengthens your children’s immune system that aids in fighting the preventable disease.


To strengthen immunity against certain vaccine-preventable disorders in your child, every parent must follow the vaccination schedule properly. Time-to-time vaccination of a child raises the 90% chances of an increment in your children’s immunity power.

Child Vaccination Schedule

Cradle Children’s Hospital offers an overall vaccination schedule for children up to 05. Our vaccination schedule contains all the vital vaccines needed from birth until age five. Here, we are providing the vaccination schedule for children. The following vaccines are essential for your children as per their age.


Age Vaccines
Birth BCG, Hep B1, OPV
06 Weeks  DTwP /DTaP1, Hep B2, PCV 1,Rota-1, Hib-1, IPV-1
10 Weeks DTwP /DTaP2, Hep B3, PCV 2, Rota-2, Hib-2, IPV-2
14 Weeks DTwP /DTaP3, Hep B4, PCV 3, Rota-3*, Hib-3, IPV-3
6 Months Influenza-1
7 Months Influenza -2
6 – 9 Months Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine
9 Months MMR 1 (Mumps, Measles, Rubella)
12 Months Hepatitis A- 1
12 – 15 Months PCV Booster
15 Months MMR 2 | Varicella
16 – 18 Months DTwP /DTaP, IPV, Hib
18 – 19 Months Varicella 2 | Hepatitis A- 2**
4 – 6 years DTwP /DTaP, MMR 3,  IPV
9 – 15 years (Girls) HPV (2 doses)
10 – 12 years Tdap/ Td
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year Annual Influenza Vaccine

Our hospital’s well-experienced staff members and doctors provide all the medication with proper guidance after the vaccination. If you get any issues after your child’s vaccination, our experts and staff members are available 24X7 to serve you.


From Birth to 05 years, vaccination of each child is necessary to prevent them from certain diseases or infections that can be harmful to them. Thus, it is essential to understand that completing the suggested vaccination timetable is essential for your junior one.

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