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Pediatric Nephrology is a treatment for children and young people with acute and general kidney disease, involving kidney transplant and provision of dialysis.

What Do Pediatric Nephrologists Do?

Pediatric Nephrologists diagnose, treat, and manage multiple conditions influencing the kidney and urinary tract, high blood pressure, inherited kidney diseases, kidney stones,  kidney failure, urinary tract diseases, and irregularities in the urine, like protein and blood. They also know how to assess and treat development and growth issues mainly related to kidney disease.


When To See a Pediatric Nephrologist?

When you get the following signs in your child, you must see the Pediatric Nephrologist:


Backache in the middle (right below the ribcage)

Face and Ankles swollen

Dark urine

Urination happens repeatedly.

Eyes get swollen


What Are The Disorders Treated By the Pediatric Nephrologists?

Kidney failure

Kidney stones

Hemolytic uremic syndrome

Renal artery stenosis

Kidney infections

Kidney cancer

Polycystic kidney disease

End-stage kidney disease

Urinary tract infections

Blood in urine

Protein in urine


Acquired kidney diseases

Nephrotic syndrome


What To Expect From Pediatric Nephrologist?

A precise and fast diagnosis is necessary to develop an efficient treatment strategy for children with life-threatening neurologic disorders. A Pediatric Nephrologist diagnoses and decides which treatment is better for the child’s condition. Pediatric Nephrologist provides extensive services in diagnosing any kidney issue and resolving the cause.

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