Home Outpatient Departments (OPD)
  • OPD patients are seen by pediatricians having experience of more than ten years in this field.
  • Each patient is given individualized attention with main focus on counseling.
  • All types of vaccines available (routine, preschool and Pre College) with proper cold storage facilities thus ensuring unhampered vaccine efficacy.
  • Dietary and nutrition counselling done by pediatrician and dietician so that all kids receive balanced and nutritious diet for better development.
  • Separate play area in opd department where kids have different play option to have good time while parents wait for their kids to be shown.
  • Well baby clinics where normal newborn are seen by neonatologists and parents are provided information about various aspects of baby care at home.
  • Discharged patient from our hospital on follow up are seen by the primary treating doctor henceforth ensuring proper care even after discharge.
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