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Pediatric Pathology

Pediatric Pathology is a type of anatomic pathology. The primary purpose of the second-month rotation is for the residents to get all the information about perinatal and pediatric pathology basics.

Pediatric Pathology


A Pediatric Pathologist is experienced in diagnosing disorders during infancy, fetal, and child development. At Cradle Children’s Hospital, you can meet with the Best Pathologist in Jaipur.

What Does a Pediatric Pathologist Do?

Doctors specializing in kids’ health test organs and bodily fluids using surgeries, biopsies, and necropsies. A Pediatric Pathologist also performs laboratory Tests, i.e., Microscopy, molecular testing, and immunohistochemistry, to study samples. By reviewing the tissue and cellular changes, they can accurately diagnose conditions and give details on their severity, nature, and progression. He assists other healthcare providers in reaching a diagnosis. He plays an essential role in the treatment of Pathology. 

Pediatric pathologists classify and stage cancers and tumors, especially those affecting children. They determine specific tumor kinds and their aggressiveness and give essential details for treatment planning. Proper classification and staging are required to choose a perfect treatment strategy and anticipate patient outcomes.

Pediatric Pathologists frequently take Biologists’ and geneticists’ help to inspect chromosomal abnormalities, genetic mutations, and molecular markers linked with child disorders. This inspection assists in determining inherited conditions, understanding disorder mechanisms, and developing personalized treatment techniques. A Pediatric Pathology Specialist may perform autopsies on newborns, children, and adults to specify the cause of death. After completion of testing of tissues, organs, and body fluids, these experts can identify any underlying disorders, genetic issues, or injuries that cause their death.

When To See a Pediatric Pathologist?


If your child has been diagnosed with an infection or disorder, navigating the following steps can be complex. When discussing diagnosing and characterizing neoplastic or non-neoplastic disorders in kids, it may be fruitful to make an appointment with a Child pathologist. These Experts specialize in inspecting and diagnosing diseases in children or adults, giving a valuable overview of your child’s condition.


Subspecialists of Pediatric Pathogists


In a Pediatric Pathologist, some subspecialties are required:


  • Dermatopathology
  • Blood banking and transfusion medicine
  • Forensic pathology
  • Hematopathology
  • Chemical pathology
  • Clinical informatics
  • Cytopathology
  • Molecular genetic pathology
  • Neuropathology
  • Pediatric pathology 
  • Medical microbiology pathology.


What To Expect From Pediatric Pathologists?

You can expect some services he offers during the meeting with the pediatric pathologist. The Pediatric pathologist will examine tissue samples and perform postmortems and placental studies.

Conclusion:  Pediatric Pathologists perform postmortems and placental analyses to reach the cause of the adult or child’s death.

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