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Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV) is a long-lasting protection against Typhoid disease. This potent defense mechanism energetically strengthens the immunity of these immature souls, arming them with the power to fight the formidable Typhoid Disease. According to studies, many cases of Typhoid in babies in India exist. The Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV) has confirmed long-term safety and strong immunogenicity in little ones. It increases the immunity power of the kids, which assists them in fighting Typhoid Disease.

About Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV)

Typhoid Conjugate Vaccines are very effective in protecting against Typhoid disease—this vaccine consists of Vi polysaccharide to tetanus toxoid. It’s a single-dose parental vaccine. It was also authorized by the World Health Organization in 2017.

Salmonella Typhi is the leading cause of Typhoid Fever. Typhoid Fever has become an enormous public health issue in India. It is primarily spread in places with poor sanitation and hygiene. Its vaccine is very preventive for Typhoid Disease and affects severe fever and complications.

Types of Typhoid vaccines

There are three types of Typhoid vaccines, i.e., 

  • Typhoid Polysaccharide Vaccine, 
  • Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine 
  •  Live Attenuated Oral Typhoid Vaccine. 

Now we discuss the Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine. This type of Typhoid Vaccine plays a vital role in preventing Typhoid Disorder. Unlike earlier vaccines, the Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine provides many benefits, involving longer-lasting safety and effectiveness in 06 to 09 months old children. This vaccine triggers a robust immune response, conferring protection against the disease.

This vaccine starts a robust immunity system by associating a polysaccharide from the Salmonella Typhi bacterium with a carrier protein.

Number of Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV) Doses

There is only one dose necessary for typhoid disorder. It is a shield against Typhoid Diseases.

Correct Time For Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine 

The TCV vaccine plays a significant role in India’s child health realm. Six months and older children are suitable to benefit from this vaccine. The expertise of pediatricians guides the overall vaccination process. This vaccine is a part of the child vaccination schedule after the baby’s birth. 

What can I do if my child misses the TCV Vaccination Dose?

If you miss your child’s Typhoid Disease vaccination, it’s not a matter of stress. You can take your child to the vaccination for Typhoid disorder at 09 months. You can also offer this vaccination still before your child turns one year old.  

Conclusion: To protect your child of 9 months and above from Typhoid disorder, you must provide your child with the Typhoid TCV Vaccination. 



Q.1. Why is the TCV Vaccine required?
Ans. 1. The TCV Vaccine (typhoid conjugate vaccine) provides protection against typhoid, which makes it necessary for children.


Q.2. How much age is required for TCV Vaccination?
Ans. 2. Typhoid Conjugate Vaccination is essential for children 9 to 12 months.


Q.3. Which vaccine is best for typhoid?
Ans. 3. Ty21a vaccine is the best vaccine for typhoid.


Q.4. What is the price of typhoid conjugate injection?
Ans.4. The actual price of the TCV vaccine is around Rs. 1945/-.


Q.5. Are there any side effects of the TCV vaccine?
Ans.5. The side effects of the TCV vaccines can be severe and mild. The mild side effects of this vaccine include signs of severe allergic reactions like 

– difficulty breathing, weakness, very high fever,
– dizziness and swelling of the face and throat, and behavior changes. 

On the other hand, the severe side effects of the Typhoid Conjugate Vaccination include 

– Fever, headache,
– Redness, swelling, itching, soreness during the injection
– General discomfort.

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