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About Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever, induced by the flavivirus, is spread by the bite of an infected female mosquito. In most cases, there are mild symptoms over a short period. In certain instances, this disorder can escalate to a life-threatening state characterized by hemorrhagic Fever and hepatitis. During this disease, your skin takes yellow color, which is why it is called “Yellow Fever.”


This disease is challenging to diagnose. The doctor might suggest a yellow fever test, usually a blood sample test. By this blood test, your doctor will ensure the availability of the virus. After this blood test, the doctor will start his treatment procedure to provide relief from this disease.

Causes of Yellow Fever


The flavivirus is the leading cause of Yellow Fever. When this virus enters the body, the virus replicates in regional lymph nodes and slowly infects other body parts through the bloodstream.

Signs of Yellow Fever


If you have Yellow Fever, you can experience some mild symptoms like flu symptoms, such as Pain in the back and knees, High Fever, Loss of appetite, Nausea, Dizziness, Headache, and Shivering or chills. But these signs will only stay short and disappear within the Yellow Fever’s recovery period.

But sometimes, these symptoms can be severe, like:

– Fatigue
– Jaundice
– Kidney failure
– Liver failure
– Recurring Fever
– Stomach pain
– Vomiting with blood
– Hemorrhage
– Delirious and coma
– Bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth
– Irregular heartbeats


Treatment of Yellow Fever


Till now, there is no treatment available for Yellow Fever. Its cure is usually directed at easing and regulating this disease’s symptoms. In some situations of this disease, hospitalization and intensive care are required because this disease spreads rapidly from one to another. Some patients with this type of Fever experience kidney dialysis and plasma transfusion to relieve the symptoms.

Yellow Fever Vaccine: How Does It Work?


No adequate treatment is provided in the healthcare realm for Yellow Fever. Thus, Yellow Fever Vaccination is the best alternative for protection against this severe or life-threatening disease.


This vaccination is entirely safe, and there are mild side effects. But in some cases, you may experience some severe symptoms. This vaccination’s one dose protects you for around ten years and protects you for a lifetime.


Side Effects After Yellow Fever Vaccination


There are no side effects that appear after the Yellow Fever Vaccination. But sometimes there are mild side effects after the vaccination, such as:

– Muscle pain
– Fatigue
– Headaches
– Light Fever
– Soreness at the injection site.


Sometimes, these side effects, such as neurologic disease, anaphylactic reactions, and viscerotropic disease, can be severe.


Who Should Not Get a Yellow Fever Vaccine?


The yellow fever vaccination is not allowed in the following cases:

– Allergic to vaccine components
– Infants below six months of age
– Symptomatic HIV
– Thymus Disorder
– Immunodeficiency
–  Pregnant women
–  Breastfeeding mothers
– Transplant
– Malignant Neoplasm’s
– Older people above 60 years of age


Conclusion: Acquiring knowledge about Yellow Fever, its vaccine, and its possible consequences empowers people to stay informed about this severe infection that can be life-threatening to them. People fortify their immunity by getting Yellow Fever Vaccinations and keeping themselves healthy.

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